Expert Interview: Prioritize to meet goals and get more done

Managing Your Business to Create a Work-Life Balance

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We sat down with Jordan Eades from Your Best Business Life to discuss how leaders can manage their business to create a work-life balance.

Is it possible to pivot too much?

Anytime we are considering a pivot or change in direction, we want to ensure that we are not “panic pivoting”, which can lead us to overreach, pivot too much, or not meet our goal successfully.
When considering a pivot the first step is to get clear on what’s working and what isn’t working, (always double-down on what’s working), and then ask is this pivot in alignment with your overall vision for our business? If it isn’t in alignment, it might be too much of a pivot.

Once you have that clarity, you want to create a plan that minimizes risk and create the needed space to ensure that you aren’t overworking To ensure that the plan is feasible and can be implemented without overworking you should eliminate items that can be cut without impact (frees up your time), delegate or hire additional support, and use that extra time to implement your new strategies and offers.

What are best practices around prioritizing?

To help you create focus as a business owner, use the acronym “POPS” and build out your workflow around these “buckets’.


  • Sales conversations, closing sales, scheduling the work, delivering on your commitments, collecting payment
  • Lead generation, lead nurturing, networking, relationship building, building referral/WOM, advertising
  • Consistently filling your pipeline with potential clients/customers


  • Consistently look for ways to systematize, automate, and delegate
  • Eliminate what isn’t working and double down on what is working


  • Setting goals
  • Strategically planning to meet those goals
  • Work smarter not harder through innovation

Self Care

  • Prioritizing time outside of work for ourselves
  • Participate in activities that are enjoyable
  • Allow space to connect with the ones you love
  • Training and educating yourself

Do you have any tips to help set goals and actually achieve them?

When we look at what is actually getting in the way of achieving goals we see that business owners are doing too much and not completing anything. To stay focused on what matters, you should take one step at a time and focus on the quality of each step versus how many steps you complete. You will also want to utilize quarterly strategic planning, which is your roadmap to achieving your goals.

Your roadmap should look like this:

  • Every quarter, setting high level goals and identifying your campaigns or projects
  • Each month, build out a tactical plan to help you achieve those goals
  • Each week, committing to tasks to help you achieve that tactical plan
  • Each day, identify the one thing to accomplish to complete my weekly plan

By working in this way, you will be moving the needle, because the tiny actions are directly aligned with your quarterly goals.

How can you re-energize in the new year?

Great question! Here are a few simple tips for re-energizing:

  1. Eliminate what drains you. Ask yourself where are the bottlenecks? You should be creating systems, and delegating where you can. Focus on eliminating the things that aren’t adding value to your business and refocus on the things that really drive your business forward.
  2. Prioritize the things that nourish and support you. We want to be continuously practicing self care, participating in the activities we enjoy, and connecting with the ones we love.
  3. Invest in yourself. Jump start your growth and push through the doldrums with personal and professional development programs or activities. Take a class, be a part of mastermind, attend a luxury retreat.

Is it possible to achieve a work/life balance as a business owner?

It is possible to achieve work-life balance? I would answer that with an emphatic yes. In order to achieve our ideal balance we need to prioritize what is important to us, and get great at saying no, so we have more yes for the things that matter. You should focus on building a sustainable business by working smarter, not harder, and finding ways to automate certain systems or processes. Prioritizing time outside of work is also important so that we can be our best selves to give us the energy we need be an effective leader and serve our customers well.

What are three tips for creating balance when working from home?

My three tips for creating balance while working from home are:

  1. Create boundaries around your time and communicate those boundaries. This means choosing the hours that you are going to be working and notifying your staff, clients, colleagues and family members to respect these work hours. It may also be helpful to setup email autoresponders or voicemail greetings with a notification of your work from home hours.
  2. When you are outside of your work hours, it’s important for you to put your work away. Creating a physical space between your work and the rest of your home will allow you to leave or close the door when you are finished. Another easy thing you can do is to close your laptop or turn off your computer. Also, make sure to put your phone away or even have a designated phone/line for your work so you can separate your personal life from your work life.
  3. Create a trigger for your end of day transition into your personal life. What I mean by this is create some sort of ritual that you can look forward to after your work hours are over. This will be your signal that it’s time to transition to your personal life. These can be things like walking the dog, meeting a friend for coffee, or even going for a swim.

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Your Best Business Life helps female business owners overcome over-working and achieve a work-life balance. With Jordan’s support you will create a sustainable and profitable business, invest in your self-care without feeling guilty, and receive the support you need to thrive as a business owner. It’s time to ditch the overwhelm, exhaustion and burn-out to start living your best business life! For more information, please visit

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