Meet the Funders from Regions Bank for a Special Workshop

“How to Get Sponsorship for

Fundraising Events”

Let two respected leaders in corporate giving and community investment in Florida teach you

how to increase your event revenue through sponsorships.

Meet the Funder:

Regions Bank

One of the largest banks in the United States

with over $145 billion in assets

Hanai Sablich

Vice President &

CRA Development Manager

Regions Bank

Stephen Ponzillo

Assistant Vice President &

Community Relations Officer

Regions Bank

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

9:00 am – 10:30 am

You’ve planned your next fundraising event and worked out how much it will cost to run it.

The next step is to find sponsors to help cover the costs. If you have not tried to secure sponsorship for fundraising events, it can feel overwhelming and competitive. Where do you find businesses that will be interested in sponsoring your event? And how do you encourage them to support you?

If you are a smaller nonprofit, you may be scared that you will come up short against bigger or more established competitors.

Join Hanai Sablich and Stephen Ponzillo, two of the leaders in community investment and sponsorships in Florida on behalf of Regions Bank, and nonprofit leaders for an in-depth and intimate 90 minute workshop on how to get sponsorship for fundraising events.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to learn hands-on advice and practical insights you need to foster business and nonprofit partnerships.

Attendance is only $25, but you must register

in advance to reserve your space.

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