Leveraging Your Data to Get More Customers

Leveraging Your Data to Get More Customers

By Cory O’Donnell, Digital Marketing Manager
Advanced Outdoor Solutions

What are some great ways to optimize your site?

First, it’s always best to dive in and find out who your customer is and why your product and service is right for them. You can use this research to determine what type of content will be ‘sticky’ for your site, or will keep people engaging with your content and converting.  Next, find out what keywords people are searching for to find your type of product or service.  Services like SEMRush have great tools that can help you find these keywords in a snap.  It isn’t free, but you can try it risk-free for 7 days and see if it’s a great fit for you.  Optimize all of your content with the right keywords on titles, descriptions, blogs, social media and more.

Why is blogging so important to marketing?

Blogging is a great way to showcase your value to customers and optimize your site with great, useful content that raises your organic rankings and helps with your SEO on the site. What are the most frequently asked questions that your customers face when they come to your business?  These questions and their answers can help your customers in a big way. It can position your brand and site as an expert in your field that is eager to help your customers better understand the challenges facing them – that can be remedied by your product and service.  Understanding your audience and targeting them with the content they desire is a great way to position your blog for great content that drive customers to your product.

What’s a call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is just as it’s stated:  Your pitch to get customers to do something.  Whether it’s as simple as ‘Book Your Stay Now’ or Learn More to helpful CTAs like ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Ask me how’, CTAs are a great way to direct your audience down your funnel and convert people into leads and leads into customers.  Use your CTAs throughout your sites and social media.

What’s the difference between organic traffic and Google Ads?

Organic traffic is the traffic you get naturally from the content you create and the work you do to optimize your site and position your brand to help sell your product and service.  This is crucial to getting traffic to your site and targeting your content to the right customers for your product.  Google Ads is a way to advertise your site and content on Google.  Google ads can be found in searches and results pages, and it’s a great way to target your content directly to search terms that you covet for your site.  We recommend running Google Ads in tandem with a well-optimized site with targeted SEO to get the most from your Google search strategy.

Why is it important to have clean data?

You need to have the best, most complete information when making decisions for your business. Cleaning your data from redundancies and incorrect datasets will create the best snapshot of how you are performing, which leads to better strategy sessions and better decisions for your business.

About Advanced Outdoor Solutions

AOS has one of the most highly experienced operations teams in outdoor recreation management and each property team member is specifically trained and experienced in delivering top-quality guest services. We continually work to identify, track, and develop new and innovative technologies that we believe will further improve property operations. We also take great care to engage with our clients to ensure that they have a clear line of communication to the AOS staff about how we might better support their needs. It is from many years of this level of personal interaction that has driven AOS to where it is today in terms of high-level property performance. From front and back office operations to full design and construction, AOS can help assess and provide consulting services to maximize your property. To learn more visit https://www.advanced-outdoor.biz/.

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