Lee Commissioners Approve Design Contract for Shared-Use Pathway in Lehigh Acres

Able Canal Lehigh Acres

Lee County commissioners on Tuesday voted to approve a design contract for the 6-mile Able Canal shared-use pathway in Lehigh Acres. Tampa-based Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. will design the pathway with a bicycle/pedestrian bridge, high-emphasis crosswalks, shade structures, landscaping and other amenities. It will create additional access and connections for pedestrians and bicyclists to community points of interest and destinations in the Able Canal corridor and within Lehigh Acres from Harns Marsh to Joel Boulevard. Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. was selected following competitive negotiation among seven proposals for the $900,000 design contract. This planned and budgeted project will be fully funded through the Florida Department of Transportation’s local agency program and regional parks impact fees.

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