Expert Interview: Keeping your business relevant in 2021

Adjusting Your Business in 2021

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We sat down with Connie Ramos-Williams from Conric pr + marketing to discuss how leaders can shift their business to stay relevant in 2021.

Why is it important for us to re-evaluate our messaging and brand in 2021?

Companies should re-evaluate their brand and messaging in 2021 to be fresh, stay relevant, and excite and engage consumers. It’s time to do a thorough analysis of products and services to focus on the ones that provide the highest profit margin and perhaps consider discontinuing the ones that are under-performing. After adjusting and defining your business model, identify the behaviors of your target audiences and refine your brand messaging and image. Consulting with a professional marketing agency will save you valuable time and money.

Is it possible to pivot too much? What should they do in this situation?

Companies that pivoted in response to the pandemic should perform market research and analysis to determine the best course of action. For example: If you are a company that pivoted to mass- produce hand sanitizer and masks to answer the urgent needs of our local or global community, ask yourself how long this will be a sustainable business model before you invest heavily in marketing and promotion. If you are a retail shop or restaurant that pivoted its focus to online sales, ask yourself if it makes sense to reopen a physical location or if ecommerce is proving to be more profitable.

Do you have any tips on social media for business?

Facebook may not be your thing, but it is still the social media platform that has the largest consumer audience despite this past year of politics and pandemic. If your target audience is on Facebook, then your business should be on Facebook. If it isn’t, consider other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Companies should invest your time or dollars to promote your brand online.

Your online storefront is almost always the first impression a consumer has with your business, so it’s important to make sure the website, social media sites, and directory listings all provide up-to-date, accurate information with a call to action.  Make sure graphics and key messaging are consistent and represent your brand well. Call an agency to help manage your online reputation and promotion.

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CONRIC pr + marketing is an award-winning, comprehensive, full-service agency that provides creative strategic branding, digital marketing, public relations, advertising, graphic design, and website development services to businesses, nonprofits and individuals throughout the Southwest Florida region where it is headquartered, as well as throughout the United States and internationally. To learn more about CONRIC pr + marketing, please visit

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