Surprisingly Simple Secret to Small Business Marketing SuccessSmall Business Marketing Success

By Randy Mitchelson, APR, Vice President Sales, Marketing & Public Relations M&M Multimedia As a small business owner, you tend to wear many hats. We get it. We are a small business too. From hour to hour you switch gears. From responding to emails and phone messages (customer service), to interviewing candidates for your next […]

Expert Interview: Prioritize to meet goals and get more doneManaging Your Business to Create a Work-Life Balance

We sat down with Jordan Eades from Your Best Business Life to discuss how leaders can manage their business to create a work-life balance. Is it possible to pivot too much? Anytime we are considering a pivot or change in direction, we want to ensure that we are not “panic pivoting”, which can lead us […]

Expert Interview: Keeping your business relevant in 2021Adjusting Your Business in 2021

We sat down with Connie Ramos-Williams from Conric pr + marketing to discuss how leaders can shift their business to stay relevant in 2021. Why is it important for us to re-evaluate our messaging and brand in 2021? Companies should re-evaluate their brand and messaging in 2021 to be fresh, stay relevant, and excite and […]

6 ways to stay productive while working from homeSix Rules While Working From Home

By Isaac Jamette, Director of Operations and Marketing, Lado Healing Institute Who would imagine that a virus would change technology and the way we lived for the rest of our lives? Who would say a virus could alter how we think about ourselves and how we relate, even how we work? The images of viruses […]

7 tips for building a sustainable business7 Tips for Growing Your Business

By Bill Daubmann, Owner & CEO, MY Shower Door & D3 Glass In 2020, Nina Barbero at SWFL Inc. reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to share any insights that I could share with our membership with respect to conceptualizing and building a business and then continuing to grow that […]

Pivoting in a Pandemic for Small BusinessPivoting in a Pandemic for Small Business

By Angela Melvin, Founder & CEO, Valerie’s House Focused business leaders, large and small, have had to become nimble in 2020 as they strive to survive the changing world around them. As the founder and CEO of a Southwest Florida nonprofit, reacting to 2020 has been no different.  Like my business counterparts, our purpose is […]

Get Started with QuickbooksGet Started with Quickbooks

By Cheryl Willett, President, Willett Business Management What is QuickBooks? QuickBooks is a software solution used by many small to mid-size companies to manage the financial transactions that occur in their business. Having your business income and expenses organized in a manner specific to your needs can provide you access to meaningful information that will […]

7 Steps to Build Diversity and Inclusion in Your Business7 Steps to Build Diversity

By Nirupa Netram, Founder & CEO, Lotus Solutions Diversity and inclusion have never been more important in workplaces around the world.  Creating a diverse team has many benefits for businesses, and can help employees feel a strong sense of belonging. What is diversity Merriam-Webster defines diversity as “the condition of having or being composed of […]

Healthy Tools for a Better WorkforceHealthy Tools for a Better Workforce

By Sebastien Saitta, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Blue Zones Project of Southwest Florida The past several months have been especially challenging for many businesses.  Now, more than ever, a healthy business depends on healthy employees. Businesses that implement well-being initiatives experience lower healthcare costs, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and higher employee morale.  Many […]