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July 8, 2021

Tony Lee: Become a networking rockstar (even if you’re an introvert)

Networking can feel complicated, intimidating and downright scary.

If the word “networking” makes you cringe, this episode of Business Builders: The Podcast is for you! Tony Lee, Director of University Relations at Florida Gulf Coast University, has some great tips to help you get started – even if you’re brand new to Southwest Florida.

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My employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan – what are my options?

Want to prepare for retirement but not sure where to start? Read the article below and take your first steps!

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5 social media tips to boost your sales

Step 1: Publish content that’s informative and educational – nobody wants to follow an Instagram account that’s all sales, all the time (or, honestly, any sales, any of the time).

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Limited spots left: President’s Club

Be the first to learn about game-changing projects in Southwest Florida.

Engage with in-depth, insider conversations about what’s next for water, housing and infrastructure in our community.

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