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August 17, 2021

Robert Wetzel: Tips to plan a successful event

Don’t just host an event – put on a well-branded, successful program with a positive customer experience.

Robert Wetzel, Director of Marketing at TLC Marketing & Creative Services, stopped by SWFL Inc. to share his tips.

Create professional videos from your home office

If you have a smartphone and access to sunlight, you’re well on your way to a professional-looking video for your business. Seriously.

3 steps to better leadership

“It’s easy to dismiss the simplest of leadership strategies because they sound too easy. But it’s often the simple strategies that make the biggest difference for founders because they’re easier to commit to long-term.”

Get your news in front of 12,000 potential clients

Social Media Promos through SWFL Inc. put you on the radar of our 12,000 followers.
You write the copy, we hit “publish” on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. It’s that easy.
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