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May 25, 2021

Susan Frantz: Tips to improve your email marketing

How frequently should you touch base with clients? What time of day is the best for open rates? How image-heavy should your emails be?

We sat down with Susan Frantz, Founder & CEO of Frantz Marketing Solutions, to talk best practices for sending emails that drive client action.

[Listen, Linda: SWFL Inc.]

What to do if your company faces a ransomware attack

Who to call first: Your attorney and insurance carrier.

[Ways to reduce the risk: Harvard Business Review]

Best practices for hiring the right candidates

Tip No. 1: Think about who you are as a company. Figure out where you’re headed so you can select candidates who align with your vision.

[Seven tips from Career Plug here]

[Harvard Business Review: Why your approach to hiring is all wrong]

25,000 copies printed. Are you in it?

The 2022 SWFL Visitor Guide is being designed right now! This beautiful, pocket-sized guide will have 25,000 printed copies and a digital version.

  • The print edition will be professionally distributed four times throughout 2022 to high-traffic hotels, restaurants, attractions, real estate offices and more.

Business listings are available for $100. For a splashier advertisement, check out our options for coupons, advertorials and display ads here.

[Contact Megan to learn more or reserve an ad]

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