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May 11, 2021

Megan Postiglione: Showcase company culture through social media

We know your company is great to work with – but is it easy for potential customers to see that online?

Listen to our 20-minute interview with Megan Postiglione from Priority Marketing for her tips to showcase your company culture through social media.

[Listen, Linda: SWFL Inc.]

Hiring? Here’s how to find good employees

Read these simple but effective tips from Indeed to help you find new team members.

Tip we’ve used with success: Post your position to social media and ask your network to share it. It’s a great way to get the word out quickly when you’re hiring.

[Read more: Indeed]

Close a deal by asking this question (and 10 tips for follow-ups)

When you have a happy customer with answered questions and a full understanding of what you do, ask “What are all the steps to make this happen?”

[Read more: Sales Hacker]

Your message. 8,000 inboxes.

We like big networks and we cannot lie.

One way to get your business in front of our network (a.k.a. potential clients and amazing people for you to know) is through a Member Spotlight email, in which we send your message to our list of 8,000+ SWFL professionals.

  • You don’t need a design team to create these – just send us your text and photos and we’ll format everything for you!
  • You don’t need to buy an email list – we’ll send to ours on your behalf.
  • Pick any day of the week, and we’ll send out your event invitation, special offer and more!

[Touch base with Megan on our team to find the next available send date]

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