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March 30, 2021

Lisa O’Neil and Alyssa Young: Crafting a social media strategy

In early 2020, we sat down with Lisa O’Neil and Alyssa Young from Lee Health’s Marketing Department and asked them how to craft a successful social media strategy.

Listen to their tips in this episode of Business Builders: The Podcast.

Make your website more user-friendly with these tips

How many times have you decided against a purchase because a company’s website was difficult to use or didn’t look professional?

[Read more: Hubspot]

How to handle negative customer reviews

Promptly responding to a negative review can save you a huge headache – and even turn that negative review into a positive one.

[Read more: CO- from the US Chamber]

The Bigger Picture: 3D printed housing project for the homeless

A 70-year-old man has become the first person to live in a 3D printed house. An Austin-based startup and a nonprofit are working together to provide the homeless with low-cost homes that can withstand natural disasters.

[Read more: NY Post]

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