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June 22, 2021

Randy Mitchelson: Rank higher in Google searches

Before customers can click through your amazing website they need to …. find it! We sat down with Randy Mitchelson at M&M Multimedia to hear his tips for ranking higher in Google searches.

[Steps you can take today to make it easier for potential customers to find you online]

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Good geofencing makes good marketing … but what is it?

Have you ever walked out of a store, pulled out your phone and immediately seen an advertisement for that store? That’s geofencing marketing.

65% of smartphone owners check their phones 160 times or more every day. There’s no question that mobile advertising can be beneficial for businesses. The only question is this: When your customers check their phones, are they seeing your ads?

[How geofencing advertising can help you reach key audiences]

Are you getting your ideas across at work?

Do you feel like your coworkers hear you at work, or are your ideas getting lost in translation? Here are three things to remember when sharing ideas in a meeting setting.

No. 1: Slow down!

]Three tips for better communication from Fast Company]

Advertise in 25,000 print copies and online!

The 2022 SWFL Visitor Guide is being designed right now! This beautiful, pocket-sized guide will have 25,000 printed copies and a digital version.

[Contact Nina to learn more]

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