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April 13, 2021

Jordan Eades: Tips to prioritize your workload

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and overloaded at work. Luckily, it’s just as easy to use Jordan Eades’ “POPS” strategy to decide which tasks you should prioritize, and what can get taken care of later.

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Reconnect with your team through laughter

A study by Stanford professors found workplaces that embrace humor have employees who are 16% more likely to stay in their jobs and feel engaged at work (than employees of unfunny and nonpunny workplaces).

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Tips to send dramatically better emails (Gasp!)

Do: Include downloads, encourage replies, personalize each email.
Don’t: Forget to remind the reader what your company does*

*Cue for a casual reminder that SWFL Inc. exists to support, promote and protect businesses like yours in Southwest Florida. See also: educational programs, advertising opportunities and advocacy.

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A lot of questions lately about…

The SWFL Inc. decision tree! It’s a brief set of questions we ask ourselves before taking on a new project, and it helps us stay laser-focused on the items that are actually supporting our mission*.

Want to talk about other ways we can help your business? Schedule a meeting with Megan to talk about your business needs!

*Yes, tacos are really a part of our decision-making process.

[Download decision tree here from SWFL Inc.]

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